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How Living Water Helps With Your Roofing Needs

As I always say, I’ve never told a person they needed a new roof when they didn’t. I always look at the most effective and cost-efficient options for you and explain it. Here are just a few ways we can help you:

Roof Repair and New Roofs

Rotting Roof Example

When we review your roof, we check out its current condition to see what can be saved and what needs to be repaired, search for gaps, leaks and areas that are potential problems. For new roof installations, we look to see how old your roof is first and what its foundation is. Older roofs typically have wood shakes, which we no longer consider an adequate foundation for shingles, and we highly recommend their removal. In this case, we bring in CDX plywood, which is pressure-treated and not chemical-treated.

Other roofing updates include adding an ice shield, a synthetic underlayment for protection in all critical areas, such as roof valleys. We add aluminum edging or drip edges on the perimeters, and asphalt starter strip shingles.


Shingles Example

Shingles are lifetime, architectural dimensional and we typically use either Timberline HD or CertainTeed Landmark shingles, which has a lifetime guarantee on materials, and I add on a 15 year warranty for my labor, so you’re in good hands. We will run through which color combinations work well for your home, and potentially look at even updating your siding if needed.


Ridge Vent Example

We deal with replacing PVC vent pipes, no caulking, and work with Mid-America Capmasters as needed. Ideally, we look to replace old ventilation systems with a nice, clean-looking ridge vent across the peak of your roof to blend in nicely and provide the needed circulation.

Skylight Installation

New Roof and Skylight Installation : Ashland Ave, Glen Ridge NJ - Skylight Closeup

The biggest concern people have for skylights is leaks, and we’re incredibly thorough with our installation and adamant in checking for any potential issues. We typically have something for various budgets, including the use of Velux Skylights, created in the US headquartered out of South Carolina, for the standard sizes and Dome’l for custom skylights. Dome’l is an American manufacturer and distributor of high performance, quality skylights, located right here in New Jersey. Get some light into your home with us.

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