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Siding Repair, Restoration, and Installation

Siding Example

While there are many siding options out there, we specialize and recommend in wood and vinyl siding. There are so many options to work with, Dutch Lap or CertainTeed Lifetime Warranty Double 4″ or 5″ Vinyl Siding, and in many colors, including custom colors, that we can help you go through in person. We even go beyond the shorter 12′ panels competitors use in order to give you a more seamless siding with 16′ panels, and special order with our reliable vendors. We research interlocking durability that benefit our customers and provide a better overall siding experience.

Vinyl Style, Custom Corners and the Finished Look

Siding for Corners to Match

We like to use Cedar Impressions by CertainTeed, and Arbor Glen, and can even do a wood shingle style if requested. On top of the standard siding, we go beyond our competitors and use custom corner pieces to really bring the authentic look to complete the project. Many others cut that out as it’s more difficult, and it takes real experience to install it, and we have that experience.

Gutters and Leaders

Gutters and Leader Example

We’ve seen a big surge in gutter installation, especially to replace the smaller 5″ gutters typically prone to blockage issues (due to leaves). We highly recommend the newer, larger 6″ ones to help keep your gutters more clean of debris and leaves. You may also find that your leaders are not doing an adequate job directing the water flow away from areas such as walkways, and instead are flooding areas and leading to ice issues in the winter.

Not only do we make sure our gutters and leaders are practical, but we look to update their location and color to help define your home as great looking trim to your siding. If you’d like to spend less time on your ladder cleaning your gutters, let us know.

Soffits and Ventilation

Soffit Example

Soffits are the finished portion under the overhangs from your roof, and when we install the Invisivent style, we are concerned with improving the airflow, when others typically will use solid to save a few bucks, and put your home second. Ask us about it for more detailed information on how this helps your home.

What Really Separates Us: The Details

J-Channel Example

We listed a few reasons above on how we make sure we don’t cut corners for our clients. Here’s another example: the electrical boxes. Others will typically use aluminum cladding, but we take the time to remove the box, and use J-Channels to put the siding behind it, and minimize any potential problems. This is the right way to do it. Another detail is working on Keystones with custom colors to match your shutters, and years or expertise with gable vents and louvers, mount blocks, and recessed outlets. We’re also a big proponent of Apex facial boards, which fewer use since it’s pricier, but our job is to protect your home.

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