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Judy S., Bloomfield NJ

As a property manager in Upper Montclair, the LLs hired Living Water to repair, replace many roofs. Never a problem, complaint, etc. their clean-up was always neat and timely. If a roof needed repair, they repaired it. If it needed replacement, they replaced it. None of the gloom and doom other roofers threatened, like it can’t be repaired, have to rip the whole thing off, etc. One joker said repair was like “putting a clean diaper over a dirty diaper!”

At my home, I asked them to replace the roof and build a deck off my back entrance. . .BOTH projects were completed within 5 days. The roof looks great and the deck is beautiful. The men worked hard, long days in terrible heat. Very congenial and polite.

After dealing with Living Water for over 12 years, I highly recommend them to anyone who wants an excellent job at a reasonable price.

Judy S., Bloomfield NJ

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